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Thinking of starting a new project? Why reinvent the wheel? Listed below are events and projects undertaken by volunteers of our member orchestras. AMSOV members can use their member directory to contact other volunteer organizations and get great tips and ideas. Or, members may request contact information by writing to

Annual Fund Solicitations

Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Toronto, San Francisco, Utah


Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Montreal, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco, Toronto, Utah

Balls and Galas

Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas (Presentation Ball),  Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco, Utah

Benefit Concerts

Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

Bridge Events


Books and Cookbooks

 Atlanta, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Philadelphia,   National, Utah

Cabaret Concert

  Kansas City

Instrument Zoo

 Boston, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles,   Milwaukee, Minnesota, St. Louis, Utah

Luncheons and Teas

Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas,  Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Seattle, Toronto, Utah

Musicians' Appreciation Lunches or Dinners

 Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston,   Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee,   Minnesota, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco,   Seattle, Toronto, Utah

New Year's Eve Gala

 Indianapolis, Philadelphia

Opening Night Events

Cincinnati, Houston, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, National, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, Utah

Parties of Note/Theme Parties

Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, 

Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minnesota, National, Nashville, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Toronto, Utah

Pre/Post Concert Events

Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Montreal, National, San Francisco, Toronto, Utah

Casino Event

 Kansas City, Minnesota, Philadelphia

Home/Garden/Holiday Tours

 Baltimore, Charlotte, Indianapolis, National, San Francisco

Debutante Ball


Showhouse Gift Shop/Auction

 Baltimore, Chicago, Kansas City, National (car raffle)

Designer Showhouse

 Atlanta, Baltimore, Kansas City, National, St. Louis,

 San Francisco

Sporting Events

Atlanta (golf), Buffalo (golf), Philadelphia (golf), San Francisco (golf)

Garage Sales/Rummage Sales

 St. Louis, Toronto

Used Clothing Store

San Francisco

Gift/Symphony Shop

Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Utah

Wine Tasting/Wine Raffle

Baltimore, Cincinnati, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City (raffle), Milwaukee, Minnesota, Philadelphia,Toronto

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