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AMSOV values innovation in development, education, outreach, membership, and fundraising, and other projects managed and carried out by volunteers. We know our member organizations are trailblazers, creators, pioneers, groundbreakers and discoverers, and AMSOV wants to celebrate your ideas. For that reason, AMSOV has created the Innovator Awards.

Awards are presented every two years at AMSOV's biennial conference. Our next biennial conference is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 13-17, 2026.


  • Submissions may cite projects that are new or that are longstanding but with a new twist, pivot or mission. Historic projects may also be submitted if they have been brought back and revised in a creative and innovative manner. Please emphasize in your project description the aspects of the project that demonstrate your organization’s creativity and innovative approach.


  • AMSOV’s Board of Directors will decide which submitted projects will receive the Innovator Award. Board members representing the city of the project will recuse themselves from discussion and voting. Decisions will be final.


  • A winning organization will receive a personalized glass or Plexiglas award suitable for display.


  • The formal presentation of awards will be at AMSOV’s next biennial conference. Organizations receiving the award are encouraged to send a representative to accept it; however, in-person attendance is not required.


  • To allow for sufficient recognition, the number of Innovator Awards given at each conference will likely be three or four; however, the AMSOV Board is not required to designate any Innovator Award recipients.


  • Applications for Innovator Awards to be given at the 45th AMOV Biennial Conference must be submitted by no later than February 15, 2026.


  • There is no limit to the number of submissions any one volunteer organization may make, although the AMSOV Board may take into account prior Innovator Awards the volunteer organization has received.


  • A project that does not receive the Award may be resubmitted for recognition at the next Conference. However, an application does not automatically carry over to the next cycle. The volunteer organization will need to resubmit the project.


  • Submissions must be made using AMSOV’s form. However, supporting documentation may be attached such as articles, post, blogs, photographs, letters of commendation and documents pertaining to the project (event programs, posters, announcements, awards, etc.)


Submissions should be sent by postal mail service or digitally to:


Don Dagenais

AMSOV President

5401 Brookside Blvd, No. 503

Kansas City, MO   64112

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