A Brief History of AMSOV

     The Association of Major Symphony Orchestra Volunteers, which just celebrated its 75th anniversary and holds its 40th Biennial Conference in 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, first met in St. Louis in 1937.  The stated objective was a free interchange of  ideas, methods and experiences growing out of symphony volunteer efforts.  Those present at the initial gathering included members of the Executive Board of the Women's Association of the St. Louis Symphony Society plus twelve delegates from committees representing Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Rochester and Seattle.  This original nucleus of eight cities has grown steadily over the years.  The AMSOV Conference returns to Philadelphia after 34 years.  This will be the third Conference to be held in Philadelphia  since 1941 and subsequently in 1981.  It will bring together over 125 delegates and alumni from more than 31 major symphony orchestras throughout the United States and Canada


      Since 1937, conferences have been held every two years.  Locations include Rochester, Philadelphia, Washington, New York, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Houston, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver, Cleveland, San Antonio, New Orleans, Chicago, Dallas, Montreal, Buffalo, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Baltimore and St. Louis.  Several cities have hosted AMSOV twice.

       Members of the Association of Major Symphony Orchestra Volunteers are individually and collectively dedicated to furthering the support of major symphony orchestras.  These biennial conferences afford delegates an opportunity to exchange ideas, gain information in all areas, and to hold business meetings to deal with the Association's internal affairs.

"AMSOV is Designed for Volunteers by Volunteers"


ASSOCIATION OBJECTIVE - - - - Article II, Section 2, Bylaws

     The objectives of the Corporation shall be the interchange of ideas among the volunteer support organizations for major symphony orchestras, discussion of activities in furthering the support and ensuring continued existence of major symphony orchestras, and practical application of the same to the varying needs of their respective communities.

​        These goals are pursued through the Biennial Conference, the Newsletter, the AMSOV website and the mentoring between AMSOV Board members and the Presidents of AMSOV member organizations.