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AMSOV is excited to announce its inaugural class of Standing Ovation Award recipients.

These four individuals epitomize the mission and values of AMSOV. Each has a long and rich history of volunteerism in support of her symphony orchestra and volunteer organization.

We applaud each one of them. They are shining examples of what we're all about.

Andrea Alexander.jpg

Andrea Alexander
Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee

Over the course of her 57 years of volunteerism in support of the Toronto Symphony, Andrea has served in many roles. (Yes, it's not a misprint--57 years!). She is past president of the Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee and has most recently served as honorary chair of the organization's 100th Anniversary Committee. Her AMSOV Standing Ovation award comes on top of her Distinguished Service and 60+ Ontario Volunteer Service Awards received in Toronto, in recognition of her unflagging dedication to the cause of her symphony orchestra.

Heather Moore.jpg

Heather Moore
Dallas Symphony Orchestra League

During her 35 years of service to the Dallas Symphony and the broader symphonic community, Heather has not only been a model volunteer, she has stepped forward repeatedly to assume leadership roles. She has been president of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League, the Texas Association of Symphony Orchestras and AMSOV. She has been chairperson of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League's Presentation Ball and the Juanita Miller Concerto Competition. The list goes on, not only in connection with the Dallas Symphony but in other areas of service to the Dallas community, too.

Isa Nelson
Seattle Symphony Volunteers


Those who have worked with Isa describe her as "a force of nature", "the volunteer you went to when you needed to get something done."  In her 43 years of service to the Seattle Symphony, Isa chaired the Symphony Ball multiple times; chaired the Seattle Designer Showhouse three times; chaired the Endowment Committee several times; was involved with the Poinsettia and Fruit Sales event for 28 years, including serving as its chair; was a member of the Holiday Musical Salute Committee; co-chaired the Antique Show; and was a member of the fundraising organizations, Sympaticos and Crescendos. All of that led to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of the Seattle Symphony.


Somehow, she still found the time to be a Symphony Orchestra Trustee for eight years, chair an AMSOV Conference, serve as AMSOV president, serve on the National Volunteer Council Board of the American Symphony Orchestra League (now the League of American Orchestras), be a tour docent for Seattle's symphony hall AND be actively involved in other community activities. "A force of nature" is indeed an apt description for Isa!

Cathy Trombetta Color.jpg

Cathy Trombetta
Pittsburgh Symphony Association

During her 10 years with the Pittsburgh Symphony Association, Cathy has quickly built a reputation for her energy and expertise in helping build audience for the Pittsburgh Symphony and membership for her volunteer association. She has been equally successful in her fundraising efforts.  She has been Vice President of both Audience Development and Fund Development, has chaired the Splendor Home Tour and Splendor Garden Tour, and is currently President-Elect of the Pittsburgh Symphony Association. Those who work with her describe her as a "friend-raiser" and a "beloved goodwill ambassador."

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